Aggressive prostate cancer symptoms

aggressive prostate cancer symptoms

aggressive prostate cancer symptoms Krónikus prosztatitis és következményei

SZTE Publicatio: The unprecedented development of prostate cancer therapy is a challenge for the proper sequential use of modern medicines. Patients' life expectancies improve when we use treatment lines, one after the other.

aggressive prostate cancer symptoms prosztata gyulladas tunetei faradtsag

There is no evidence- based guideline regarding the optimal sequence, but a number of data are available to help the physician selecting the best individualized therapeutic option. The basic treatment for advanced prostate cancer is still androgenic deprivation ADTto which we can add additional therapeutic agents.

New types of hormonal androgen receptor targeted, ARTA agents are being used in an increasingly early line.

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Chemotherapy CT is the first choice in case of metastatic, hormone-sensitive disease especially in high volume cases that are causing symptoms or visceral crisis. We have little but encouraging data about the early, sequential use of ARTAs with different mechanisms of action.

aggressive prostate cancer symptoms Az izmok a prosztatitisekkel fájnak

In this paper, we summarize the results of clinical trials that may help in therapeutic decision making, maximizing the benefits for patients.

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